We often come across such unpleasant situations where we have selected the best dress for ourselves but when we go into a trial room it does not fit you perfectly. Now, you stand there in a dilemma that whether to buy this dress or not; you cannot either leave it because of its amazing designing nor can you buy it because of its uneven fittings. The only solution and the best one as well in this scenario is that you buy it and then give it for the alterations. It would be best if the same boutique has the dressmaking as well as the altering facility. Every girl dreams of wearing such a beautiful ball gown which would not only make her stand out due to the amazing craftsmanship done on it but also fits her perfectly which makes her body look in perfect shape as well. No girl can compromise in any situation with her bridal dress but what if you get the dress at the very last and it does not fit you then offcourse you need to get it altered from the shop which you can trust. In this article, we will be discussing about the three main steps that are required for clothing alterations.

Dress makers/designers:

Dress makers or designers are the professionals who not only make the dress but also design it. They first have an idea in mind which they then create it in the form of design while keeping in mind the demand and requirements of a client. Once the design has been made, then begins the process of fabric selection in which suitable fabric material is selected. After that the process of cutting and sewing is carried out.

Clothing alterations:

The process of clothing alterations is done in three main stages. First of all you need to make an appointment with the store manger where they will consult with you about your requirements and demands. After that a date will be given to you; in which you will have to come to store where you will wear the specific dress and tell about the areas where you need the alterations to be done. Then your order will be placed according to your needs and fitting. Getting you dress altered will only be worth it if you give it to the perfect boutique for altering.


It is dress makers or designers who not only designs and makes the dress but also alters it if required. The process of clothing alterations   is carried out in three main steps. The first step is of consultation and taking appointment. Second step is of placing your order where your garment is viewed and the last step is of final fittings and collection where measurements are taken.  “Alter me” offers the best designs of dresses and also provides the services of clothing alterations. You will not be disappointed by the services and designing of alter me boutique.